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Scouting for Boys / Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell. – Singapore [Singapore] : Brownsea, 2004. – 327 p. : ill. 24 x 15 cm
In English
With Introduction written by B-P in 1932
With The Chief’s last message
With scout promise, scout law and scout principles
With introduction by Lord Somers.
Foreword & introduction by Lord Rowallan
Introduction by Lady Olave Baden-Powell, 1963.
With the original Scout Promise and the Scout Law.
With the Singapore Scout Promise and the Scout Law in English.
With the Malaysian Scout Promise and the Scout Law in English and in Malay.
With Baden-Powell: A Memoir of the Founder / Lord Rowallan.
Edition with hard cover and in paperback.
ISBN 981-05-1830-7 (Hard cover)
ISBN 981-05-1831-5 (Paper)

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