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Scouting for boys = A Handbook for Instruction in Good Citizenship / Robert Baden-Powell. – Tokyo : Foundation Boys Scouts Japan Federation, 2014. – 29th Ed. – IX, 522 p. : ill. ; 19 x 13 cm
In Japanese
With Preface for the Boys Scouts of Japan Federation 70th Anniversary Edition by Akira Watanabe, July 1992
With Foreword by Olave Baden-Powell february 1963
With Preface by Baden-Powell of Gilwell, 1932
With Resolution of International Scout Conference in Copenhagen, August 1924
With Scout Promise and Scout Law
With Table of contents
With The B-P story = Lord Baden-Powell of Gilwell 1857-1941 = Boy Scouts movement founder = President of the World
With B-P’s last message
With appendix
With Background of Scouting for Boys by Akira Watanabe
With Scouting for Boys Japanese seen in the first edition by Akira Watanabe
With Afterword by Akira Watanabe
With Metric Conversion Quick Reference
ISBN 978-4-89394-703-1

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