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For sale at the webshop 38 editions of Scouting for Boys from 14 countries in 8 languages!

The world catalog 'Scouting for Boys 'round the world' is also for sale at MADE Conceptstore, Noordeinde 109a, The Hague, Netherlands.

Scouting for Boys on Tour is present at the 30th European Scout and Guide Collectors Meeting (ESGCM) in Leuven (Belgium) Saturday November 5th, 2022.

The database currently contains 458 editions issued in 61 countries in 44 languages

€ 30,00

Scouting for Boys ‘round the world

1 August Happy Scout Scarf Day!
Scouting for Boys World Catalogue present at the 40th World scout and Guides Collectors Meeting in Switzerland.
Scouting for Boys ‘round the world present at the 17th European Guide and Scout Conference 2022.
Happy birthday National Association of Cambodian Scouts, congratulations with your 24th anniversary today!
18 New and vintage editions of Scouting for Boys from countries all over the world available at the web shop. Guatemala, Turkey, Spain, Canada, Chile and many others!
The latest Italian edition (March 2019) has been added to the database of Scouting for Boys 'round the world and is available at the webshop.